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Hazelwood Excavating Services in Connecticut

At Hazelwood Excavating, we offer our clients more than just your basic excavation job in CT. We offer a wide variety of commercial and residential excavation services to our Connecticut clients. Call us today!

Demolition Job in Connecticut


Hazelwood has in-depth experience and the right equipment to ensure that you, your investment and the environment are all safe. We service residential demolition, commercial demolition, industrial demolition and excavation services to our clients in Connecticut.

Drainage Work in Connecticut


To ensure that water isn't a problem on your property, Hazelwood can help you with one of our drainage solutions. Our preventative drainage design, french drains, trench drains and surface drains help our Connecticut clients stay dry.

Septic Systems Installations & Drain Piping in CT

Septic Systems Installations & Drain Piping

Hazelwood provides full installations of septic systems for our commercial or residential clients in Connecticut. We install pre-cast septic tanks and sewer/drain piping. In addition to installing septic systems, we can also provide repairs to existing septic systems.

Connecticut Underground Utilities Pipe Installation

Underground Utilities Pipe Installation

Hazelwood specializes in the installation of pipe for underground utilities. Typical installations include pipe for: water distribution and storm sewer and sanitary sewer. We're capable of jobs from open field pipe installation to complex urban reconstruction projects.

Rock Removal in Connecticut

Rock Removal

The ease of the excavation of rocks (rock removal) varies depending on the hardness of the rock. Hazelwood has the right tools and machines and is ready to tackle any rock removal project, whether it's just a few boulders or mass rock removal in Connecticut.

Septic Inspections in Connecticut

Septic Inspections

Hazelwood can help you clean/pump your septic tank, and can also provide septic inspections for real estate transactions. We offer our Connecticut clients year-round sewer, septic and excavation services. You can trust us with your septic and sewer needs!

Gasoline / Water Tank Installation & Removal in CT

Gasoline / Water Tank Installation & Removal

Whether we're installing a new gas or water tank in Connecticut, or maybe removing an old one, Hazelwood has the tools to get the job done right! We've been making gas and water tank installations easy since 1949. We're here to help you!

CT Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster Rentals

Hazelwood's dumpster rentals are Connecticut residential commercial waste and trash. With competitive prices, our dumpster rentals can help you complete your job and keep your work areas clean! Various sizes available for to help fit your needs.

Sanitary Sewer Lines in CT

Sanitary Sewer Lines

Waste water from your shower, toilets, sinks and washing machine make their way from your sanitary sewer line to the public sewer main line. But getting from your house to the street (and then to the waste water plant for treatment), well, that's where we come in!

Water Main Construction in CT

Water Main Construction

Hazelwood is fully equipped to handle your water main and sewer-related excavation work. Our excavation equipment helps to make water main construction a breeze. When you think water main construction, think Hazelwood.

New Home Excavation/Groundwork in Connecticut

New Home Site Excavation

When it comes time to prepare the building site for a new home by clearing, staking, laying the material for slab support and drainage, digging trenches, excavating the driveway, and installing preventative drainage, Hazelwood can help make sure all the details are covered!

Portable Screening in CT

Portable Screening

With our portable shaking screener, Hazelwood can screen and blend at your location in Connecticut! Our portable screening equipment offers convenience and is proven to deliver screening power!